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A Little Bit Of Our Story

​While we pride ourselves in our mission of decreasing the accumulation of single-use disposable items in landfills, the process of developing safe high quality handmade items requires just as much attention.


***Many of the manufacturing processes for textiles result in bleaches, dyes and other toxic chemicals in the material. The organic cotton used in creating our products meets Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which is a certification of textile productions that greatly reduces the use of such hazardous elements lingering not only within the fabric, but on surfaces, in the air and on your skin. These benchmarks are acknowledged internationally, with the reputation of the “toughest organic textile standard” requiring 4 levels of condition to meet certification. These elements include: comprise of at least 95% organic fiber, absolutely no treatment with bleach, formaldehyde and other chemicals, coloring must consist of non-toxic dye and material must be manufactured in a mill where ethical standards of employment are met, including respect in regards to both social and environmental standards.​

***Low Impact Dyes – the process of dyeing material traditionally includes the use of many toxic chemicals most are unaware of. These include but are not limited to benzene, formaldehyde, organochlorines, and heavy metals. Products are producing air pollution long after they are purchased. Additionally, that process impacts the environment in other harmful ways, including an abundant use of water to wash these chemicals off, after the fact. Unfortunately, these chemicals are then dumped into local waters within area of the mills. The Dyes used in creating our products are LOW IMPACT, eco-friendly and petroleum based. Not only does this decrease the water use in manufacturing by up to 40 percent, but because they are developed through a synthetic process, they have a bonus higher rate of absorption. Increased absorption, less water = less actual overall dye usage, saved energy and no toxic chemicals required to promote absorption. 

***Organic Cotton – Organic cotton is our “topper” material. The process of garnering organic cotton is done in such a way that does not require toxic additives such as herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides and defoliants. Organic cotton is harvested through natural methods including crop rotation, cow manure, predator insects, increased length of growing periods and hand picking. Not only do these methods create an overall better product, but they decrease the overall waste and exposure of chemicals. 

​***Organic Cotton Terry – Our exquisitely soft and extremely absorbent “soaker” material. We tested out a variety of “soaker” options and this one is a super soaker.

***Save money over time by decreasing your need to purchase disposable items by investing in a reusable option 

***We are committed to resourcing all scraps of fabric to other reusable products in our line, which will be released at later dates. 

***Our packaging is made with 100% recycled material, and is recyclable itself.

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Have any questions about our products, materials or mission? Get in touch with us today, and we’d be happy to answer them.

Kaitlin & Andrea

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